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:: About IJACCS ::

International Journal of Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (IJACCS) encourages the widest range of submissions and foster intellectual excellence.

IJACCS is developing a low-cost non-commercial approach to academic publishing. We believe there are limitations in both the high cost commercial publishing and apparently no-cost open access publishing models. This is why we are seeking to find a practical middle way between the idealism of open access and the inefficiencies and greed of which the big journal publishers are increasingly accused.

IJACCS has developed a highly cost effective and disruptive publishing breakthrough wherein the author and the publishers shares the publishing and indexing efforts. Further, the cost needed to maintain the archives is achieved from the minimal publishing fees from the authors and our external funding. IJACCS articles are highly accessible on the web.

They are not hidden behind subscription walls. The digital library of IJACCS is evolving with the new requirements of the scientific community. Every article has its own page and our technology teams are working on ranking systems whereby the readers can rank any article according to merit.  

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