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:: IJACCS Archives :: July 2017 Vol.4 - Issue.2
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List of July 2017 Archives
1. Public Sentiment and its Variation Analysis using SentiStrength and Improved Twitter Sentiment Model
Author's: Osamah Ali Mohammed Ghaleb, Dr. Anna Saro Vijendran Paper ID: IJC251
2. VMARLB – Virtual Machine Based Algorithm for Random Load Balancing in Cloud Computing
Author's: D.Suresh Kumar, Dr. E. George Dharma Prakash RajPaper ID: IJC259
3. Profit based Unit Commitment scheduling with Renewable energy system using Memory management Algorithm
Author's: S.F Syed Vasiyullah , Dr. M.Gopalakrishnan Paper ID: IJC318
4. Investigation of Emissions and Performance Characteristics of a CI Engine with Pongamia Pinnata oil Methyl Ester and Diesel Blends
Author's: R.Thirunavukkarasu, R. Tamilselvan, T. Karthickmunisamy, M.Veeramanikandan, D. Sathish Paper ID: IJC352
5. Efficient Reversible Image Data Hiding
Author's: K.R.Prabha, M.Jagadeeswari Paper ID: IJC362
6. Multi Layered Back Propagation – Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for Feature Reduction
7. Planning of Distribution system by incorporating optimal allocation of capacitor using Whale Optimization Algorithm
Author's: P.Manikandan, S.Nagalakshmi Paper ID: IJC476
8. Particle swarm optimization with an aging leader and challengers for optimal power flow problem
Author's: Dharmbir Prasad, Rudra Pratap Singh, V. Mukherjee Paper ID: IJC568
9. Granular Cell Tumor Detection Using Various Image Filtering Techniques
Author's: Tumpa Dey, Dibyendu Ghoshal Paper ID: IJC597
10. Classification of Tumors using PCA and SVM from MRI
Author's: K.Palraj , Dr.V.Kalaivani Paper ID: IJC635
11. Mining Frequent Gene Expression Intervals and Association Rules on Microarray Dataset
Author's: R.Vengateshkumar , Lawrance.R Paper ID: IJC643
12. The Novel Approach towards Face Detection by Corner Detection Using Special Morphological Masking
Author's:Tumpa Dey, Dibyendu Ghoshal Paper ID: IJC653
13. A survey on video mining to identify cancer inducing polyps in endoscopy videos
Author's: Nagesh B S, Dr. N P Kavya Paper ID: IJC672


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