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:: IJACCS Archives :: July 2014 Vol.1 - Issue.2
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List of July 2014 Archives
’An Efficient Model to Prevent Insider Threats in Cloud Computing
  Author's: Arul Selvam.P, Vasanth. R Paper ID: IJCSE102
A Novel and Efficient Smart Safety System to Enhance the Vehicle Monitoring System
  Author's: Abilash R, Venkatesh N, Dhaneshwaran P Paper ID: IJCSE104
A New Approach to Improve Data Utility under Differential Privacy
  Author: R K Rekha, S Selvanayaki Paper ID: IJCSE107
Cloud Provider for Scattered Universities and Library
  Author's: D.Ranjith, J.Prabakaran. Paper ID: IJCSE111
An Efficient Data Sharing and Secure Auditing of Cloud Storage
  Author's: M.Suresh, B.Kannan. Paper ID: IJCSE115
A Serial Property Based Encryption for Enhanced Access Control in Cloud Computing
  Author's: Nandhini A, Priyanga R Paper ID: IJCSE121
Analyzing Log Files for Intrusion Detection in Cloud
  Author's: V.Nirmala, Dr.R.Shanmugalakshmi Paper ID: IJECE146
Study of Reduced Complexity Syndrome Based TTCM Decoder
  Author: Hrudia.V.R , Sangeetha.P Paper ID: IJECE144
An Overview of ANFIS Based Quasi Z Source Inverter for Photovoltaic Power Generation
  Author: P.Lenin Pugalhanthi, R.Parthasarathy Paper ID: IJEEE128
Back EMF Observer Based Sensorless Four Quadrant Operation of Brushless DC Motor
  Author: Sanita C S, T Kuncheria Paper ID: IJEEE135
xperimental analysis of Thermal conductivity of enamel filled with micro and nano composite of SiO2 and TiO2
  Author: B. Selva Kumar , P.Velmurugan, P.Sakthivel Paper ID: IJEEE143
Grid Computing – Access the Internet by Hasty Computing
  Author: D.Indumathi, R.S.Anbu Paper ID: IJIT113
Efficient Mechanism for Monitoring and Updating Wireless Sensor Networks Using Virtual Machines
  Author: K.Senthil Kumar, T.Ambiga Paper ID: IJCSE145
Data Security virtualization with implications in batch Audit Cloud
  Author: R.Senthil Kumar, S.Prakadeswaran Paper ID: IJCSE147
Object Localization using UHF Tag Distribution Strategy
  Author: S.Senthilnathan, D.Yuvaraj Paper ID: IJCSE148


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