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:: IJACCS Archives :: March 2014 Vol.1 - Issue.1
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List of March 2014 Archives
’Shreshta Bhasha’ Malayalam Speech Recognition using HTK
  Author's: Smrithy K Mukundan. Paper ID: IJCS122
Multimodel Medical Image Fusion using Cross Scale Coefficient Selection (CS)
  Author's: Sivasangumani.S, Gomathi.P.S, Vijay.N. Paper ID: IJECE103
A Cryptographic Application-Level DDoS Mitigation Using Port-Hopping Method
  Author: Treesa Nice P. A, Amitha Mathew. Paper ID: IJCSE110
Identify malicious activities using host-based IDSs in high security mobile adhoc networks (MANETs)
  Author's: S.Vadhana Kumari, Dr. B.Paramasivan . Paper ID: IJCSE130
Enhancing Security in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Using RSA Algorithm and SVM– Survey
  Author's: P.Sivaranjanadevi, .Balaganesh, R.Divya, S.Periyasamy. Paper ID: IJCSE132
Improved 3-D Beamforming Strategy for 5g Multimedia Mobile Communication
  Author's: Santhiya.P, Sasi.A. Paper ID: IJCSE141
Dual Battery Two Way Power System in VANTER
  Author's: M.Tamilarasan, K.G.Inbarasan. Paper ID: IJECE112
Micromagnetic Simulation of Ferromagnetic Free Layer Switching Mechanism of a spin-valve
  Author: R. Vignesh Babu, M.Malathi. Paper ID: IJECE126
Fault Classification in Analog Circuits Using Evolutionary Algorithms
  Author: V.Gomathy, Dr.S.Sumathi. Paper ID: IJEEE101
DPFC Based Control of using Third Harmonics Frequency in Transmission Line
  Author: K.Kirubananthan, Dr.T.S.Sivakumaran, J.Rameshkrishnan . Paper ID: IJEEE114
Step Up DC-DC Converters Using Boost Integration Technique and Pulse Width Modulation Control
  Author: R.Sudha, P.M.Dhanasekaran. Paper ID: IJEEE123
Efficient utilization of Solar Energy under Partial Shading conditions using Bypass Diode and sub module Integrated converters – a comparative study
  Author: Aswathykanth. Paper ID: IJEEE129
An Improved Power Gating Technique for Low Power Circuits Using Asynchronous Logic
  Author: Kavinmalar. P, B.Jaishankar. Paper ID: IJEEE140
Design and Implementation of Flash ADC using TIQ and Transmission Gate for High Speed Application
  Author: Abhishek Madankar, Sandeep Kakde, Abhijit Asati. Paper ID: IJETC125
Simulation of Human Tactile Perceptionusing Neural Networks
  Author: Mihir Ganu, Sanket Sharma, Moksharth Doshi. Paper ID: IJETD118
Content Based Image Retrieval Based on Global and Region Content of an Image
  Author: H. Kavitha M.V.Sudhamani. Paper ID: IJISE138
Client Cache Consistency for providing error-free Communication in MANETs
  Author: R.Dhivya, .V.Kavitha. Paper ID: IJECE105
A Study on Multidatabase Mining Using Local Pattern Analysis
  Author: R.Suganthi, Dr.P.Kamalakannan. Paper ID: IJCA116


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