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March 2014 Volume.1 Issue.1
Simulation of Human Tactile Perceptionusing Neural Networks
International Journal of Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (IJACCS)
© 2014 by IJACCS Journal
Volume - 1, Issue - 1
Year of Publication: March 2014
Author's: Mihir Ganu, Sanket Sharma, Moksharth Doshi Paper ID: IJETC125
Full Text
Mihir Ganu, Sanket Sharma, Moksharth Doshi. Simulation of Human Tactile Perceptionusing Neural Networks. International Journal of Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (IJACCS). Volume.1 Issue.1 March 2014.
There is ample research present on haptics and thehaptic technology is actively applied in numerous engineering applications. However, little research is present in training machines the perception of human touch. We introduce a novel method for training machines the perception of hardness of the object being presented to the machine’s surface. The machine simulates the sensory perception process in humans to perceive the hardness of the object. The simulation is done using neural networks. The training of the network is achieved using samples obtained from human subjects. Similar to humans, the trained network successfully rates the hardness of the object.
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tactile, pressure, hardness, haptics, sensing, neural network, humanoid.


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