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March 2014 Volume.1 Issue.1
DPFC Based Control of using Third Harmonics Frequency in Transmission Line
International Journal of Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (IJACCS)
© 2014 by IJACCS Journal
Volume - 1, Issue - 1
Year of Publication: March 2014
Author's: K.Kirubananthan, Dr.T.S.Sivakumaran, J.Rameshkrishnan Paper ID: IJEEE114
Full Text
K.Kirubananthan, Dr.T.S.Sivakumaran, J.Rameshkrishnan. DPFC Based Control of using Third Harmonics Frequency in Transmission Line . International Journal of Advanced Computing and Communication Systems (IJACCS). Volume.1 Issue.1 March 2014.
FACTS device is used to control the power flow in Transmission line. UPFC is most versatile FACTS device in FACTS family. It is used to Control the transmission line voltage, and line active and Reactive power. But it is higher cost and lowest Reliability. So we introduced the DFACTS approach. In this paper we introduced the novel technique DPFC to control the power flow in transmission line by using third harmonic frequency.
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Facts, UPFC, DFacts, Power Flow


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